Cultural Safaris


A Safari with a pinch of Culture?
Do you wish to meet local communities and learn about their way of life?
We can organize any cultural activities for you
We can incorporate your field of interest into our custom tours


These packages can be the main focus of your holiday
Or they can be integrated as extension to an existing safari


Maasai family, Cultural Safari

© Adam Woodhams

Did you always want to meet a Maasai family or go hunting with the Hadzabe, the last hunter-gatherer group of Tanzania? We can make it happen for you and organize a camping trip to remain as close as possible to your hosts or you can plan it as a daily excursion. It can also be combined with a painting or photographic safari.


Chibelela farmer TanzaniaDid you always want to learn more about coffee plantations, ancestral medicinal plants, bio-gas production, craft and traditional objects in the making, music or any other aspect of the daily life of local communities?
We can custom a special tour for you and help you meet the right people to get a real life experience, off the beaten tracks.


ACT2Do you have an interest for social, educative, health or non-governmental projects?
Do you want to learn about wildlife conservation?
Are you eager to participate and donate some of your time as a volunteer?
Tell us about your interests and passion and we will help you integrate them into a perfect holiday