Wedding Safaris

Our most important assignment:
To make your most important moment a success story

Wedding safari

A Unique moment
Organizing weddings is one of the most rewarding aspect of our business as we become part of your intimate life and participate to such an important celebration. We can offer you a fantastic range of options relating to every aspect of your wedding, all with a personal approach.
We focus on the legal and technical aspects, so that you can enjoy the moment without any stress.

How to book such a safari?

  • Tell us about your dream wedding
  • Send us an email specifying the number of persons joining the celebration, the number of days you wish to travel in total and an idea of your budget
  • Maasai pealr necklaceSpecify any special needs, wishes or requirements
  • We will build the one in a lifetime project just for you

Services we provide

  • We deal with the legal aspects if you opt for a civil wedding
  • We can organize a religious or traditional wedding
  • We take care of every step leading to the big ceremony
  • We propose bush or beach wedding, Maasai wedding or a ceremony on top of Kilimanjaro
  • We can, of course, organize your honeymoon

Only tailored ceremonies
Everyone has a different idea of their perfect day, we do not propose set wedding itineraries and we do not try and mould your preferences and requirements into an existing package. We work very closely with you to create the most wonderful Tanzanian wedding that fits your personality. It is a pride for us to be involved in the most important day of your life and to know that we are putting together a unique and memorable trip for you.
A complete package or a single ceremony
We provide you with professional support and assistance from the planning stages onwards and assist with every aspect of your trip, from taking care of the legal arrangements, marriage fees and wedding plans to safari and lodge bookings, transfers and travel insurance if you wish, we can also organize your honeymoon. You just tell us what services you want to include in your journey and we will organize them.
To comply with laws and legal procedures take time and in most case, we ask the bride and groom to be in the country for the week preceding the wedding. Therefore, we tend to suggest a two weeks’ trip where you spend the first few days to a week together, possibly on safari, then move to the setting from which your wedding will be based. You can then honeymoon for the rest of your time in Tanzania, a time when many people head to the coast, alternatively you may want to indulge in some more safari activities. If you decide to organize a wedding on top of Kilimanjaro, we can help you define the right timing, so that you enjoy the climb but have time to prepare for the ceremony itself.
The ceremony
You may prefer a civil or religious ceremony, we are happy to arrange either. If you have been married before, some priests will not marry you although a civil or traditional ceremony is always possible. If you have any queries, please speak to us and we will be able to advise you accordingly your personal status.
A choice of locations
Wedding zanzibarWe organize weddings at a choice of beautiful locations: in the bush, on the beach, on the Kilimanjaro.
If you’re not sure where you want to get married, please contact us, we will go with you through the choices.
Wedding guests
Some couples want to escape to Africa to get married in a totally private ceremony while others are keen to invite family and friends to join them. If you choose to invite guests they can meet up with you at any stage of your trip, we can arrange for them to come on safari with you or just to the wedding ceremony. We can help with your guests arrangements, no matter how long or short a time they wish to spend in Tanzania.
The important extras
We are happy to help you with all the arrangements for your wedding day, right down to the finest details. Just because it is an African wedding, it does not mean you cannot have what you want. You may want a specific floral arrangement, a specific wedding cake, your favorite music. We can help you plan every detail. We can also find a photographer to immortalize your celebration.
The bride
We know the bride wants to feel at her best to walk up to the altar on the wedding day. We can offer help with the hair style, nails and make-up, we can organize this for you, and can arrange a practice run before the day.


After the wedding
We will tailor your reception to your exact wishes and can organize anything from a simple, romantic, bush picnic for two to a lavish party in the lodge with family and friends.
If you decide to get married in the bush, we normally set up a table near to the spot where the actual ceremony takes place. You can then enjoy a delicious meal with a wedding cake, champagne and wine, you are welcome to request a special meal.
Depending on the location of your wedding, we can arrange for you to be entertained after the ceremony with tribal singing or a more contemporary music style.
Your honeymoon
If you wish to start your honeymoon right up after the ceremony, we can help you build the perfect holiday on safari or on the beach.

Wedding dress

Make this very special day a unique adventure in our beautiful Tanzania !