Arusha Children’s Trust

The Arusha Children’s Trust was founded in December 1999 by Tropical Trails.
During a trek operated by Tropical Trails on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in 1997, participants recognized the need for a project that would directly assist rural communities, primarily children, by improving access to education and health programs, increasing the awareness of environmental issues and preserving culture and tradition. It was for this purpose that the Arusha Children’s Trust was created.
act4The guiding principle of the charity is to develop a sustainable way of assisting in those areas in which Tropical Trails operates (the Arusha and Rift Valley regions) without creating a dependence on tourism revenue or diluting the cultural heritage of rural communities.
The Arusha Children’s Trust actively and directly supports the children in the Arusha and Rift Valley regions of Tanzania through enhancing education, improving health awareness, increasing knowledge of environmental conservation and upholding the traditions and culture of people within the region. Specifically, the Trust:
  • provides educational materials, classroom furniture and sports equipment
  • builds new classrooms and teachers’ houses
  • sends teachers on training courses
  • runs a youth and secondary schools program
  • operates a kindergarten and community centre
You can take a day trip to the trust for a very nominal transfer fee to see what we are up to! It is a lovely visit and the children are always thrilled to meet new people and show them what they are working on!
ACT’s projects are funded entirely by donations from friends and supporters abroad and from visitors to Tanzania who travel with Tropical Trails. We also provide Arusha Children’s Trust with Internet, fuel and garage services.